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Birthday spanking stories, Spanking birthday hunt for guy for humiliation

It was all set up nicely for my girlfriend Amy's birthday party. It was a lovely sunny day, warm with a nice breeze.

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On my sixteenth birthday my favorite cousin, Timmy, had promised to take me out in the morning and buy me a present. In fact, I was still in my pajamas First time young lesbian stories he arrived. I had been too busy opening presents and chatting on the phone to friends to notice the time.

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Your recent behaviour in class has been disgraceful! Quite naked, apart from my favourite heels.

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That should be just wide enough for your stiff little penis. Slide it in. Pick it up, please. Now reach back, and rub the paddle against your bare cheeks. Now start spanking your bottom! And again. Kneeling under his headmistress, her hot wet slit hovering just above his face. Yes boy, sniff it. Lick it. Satisfy your mistress. I have your little cock Ballbusting mom story beneath my foot.

Trampling you. Roll your head back, I want the tip of your nose in my bum hole as your tongue laps at my folds. Taste my excitement.

Spanking life

Harder, boy. I want that tight little bottom bright pink before you start to spurt.

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Spank yourself as you fuck the space beneath my foot. I do enjoy your hot breath panting against my slit. There, nothing to thrust against now. You know your mistress always comes first. Can you feel the sticky streams of my wetness as they dribble down your chin? Can you feel my heel Naga tf story down against your cock?

Keep spanking, boy. I want to feel your cries against my quivering cunt, getting hotter and quicker until the final whack that makes you come.

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Bury your face in my cunt. Now come hard for me, you dirty little boy!

Oh yes! I can feel your hot spurts tickling Navel tickle stories underside of my foot! Keep spanking as you empty yourself, boy! I want to see a True mutual masturbation stories cascade flowing story the arch of my shoe to my toes.

Face fart stories, spanking. That was some birthday present! Here… some tissues. It must have been quite a shock for her. To open my bedroom door expecting to see her little princess, but see your bare thrusting bottom instead. I remember being petrified. Half of me wanted to pull out, but I remember thinking that if I did, your Mum would see my erection.

We had been pretty noisy, your ankles were bound to the bed, and there was an open box of condoms on my bedside table. I was even more surprised when she told us both to stay exactly where we were. At my age! But then she did actually spank me! Two really hard whacks, one on each cheek! Actually, I remember smiling to myself at the time, relishing how you were getting the pain and I was getting the pleasure! I got the impression she knows exactly how to birthday young men.

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How to impose her authority. My face was burning hot when you pulled out, as I knew Mum could see my own gaping wet hole. I was fully expecting her to put a stop our filthy activities, Babysitter blowjob story order us to get dressed immediately.

Birthday spanking stories

My Mum has never been uptight about sex. I Gross sex stories she was going to stand behind us and watch us fuck. Perhaps even start giving us directions. It stung painfully, but also felt amazing. But I have to say, feeling you thrust into me felt incredible.

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On those story few spanks, you fucked me like a wild animal. I remember bracing myself against your hips, trying not to pump into you as each whack hit. I thought your Mum was punishing us, I was trying to save you from a spanking. Real life cuckold stories I wanted to end your ordeal, and get my own share - spanking you racked up the hundreds.

I felt I was receiving a punishment I thoroughly deserved. It was so smooth and pale and perfect. I imagined filling Sissy castration story the missing details of the story, massaging my stiff cock as I pictured Tom in his own bedroom afterwards, birthday down his own underwear to examine his pink marks.

Because I remember playing as I imagined myself as beautiful Becky Thatcher. And not just the spanking, but also her emerging realisation of the extent of her feminine power. That now she somehow had the ability to make boys desperate to do things for her.

‘birthday spanking’ stories

What nonsense! Becky would never have wanted to have her bottom whacked.

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She was way too proud. She grew up in a household defined by authority and punishment. Dispensing discipline, that was what turned her on. Then watching through the classroom window as every one was made to lower their trousers and bend over the wooden boundary fence Navel play story a whacking.

Even just the sound of each smack was intoxicating.

Author's notes

How each whack echoed, and turned your gasping breaths into Butch femme stories cries. I felt the tremors of each spank tremble through your body, until they were barely a shiver against my own bare skin. And all the while your cock was transmitting that delicious flutter right to place where I throbbed the most.

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A perfect rhythm, unerringly accurate. Somehow she knew exactly where to smack me. I tried holding myself back, but with your tight little hole squeezing me, and the stinging heat in my backside, she had me Have to pee stories on the edge.

Toward the end I put my hand between my legs and started rubbing. I could feel it. Your moans escalating until they were almost a howl.

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You made me come so hard! The dam suddenly burst and I was spurting, again and again, with your mother seemingly determined to spank every last drop out of me. I just remember a woozy few minutes of spanking and moaning.

To make me stand in Penis plug story, burning bottom on display and condom still dangling between my legs, heavy with my cum.