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Cfnm party stories, Ukrainian Cfnm pick party for courtship

Warning: The following is a sexually explicit story intended for the entertainment of mature adults. If you are offended by stories of such nature, do not read it. All characters Stories of forced crossdressing fictional and not intended to resemble any real people.

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One common aspect about CFNM parties is, when at their best, they are created, controlled and organized by women. Many wonder, particularly men, how the rules and protocols are established for CFNM parties. One question inolves, what women really do First swinger party story in a CFNM party.

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Chastity Mansion. Top Posters. Two Moms dirty sex stories attend a CFNM party at a local country club, where they have a ring side seat for all of the fun. Here's a brief excerpt:. A Party Just for the Ladies.

Fcnm femdom dinner party in chastity serving wine

So people can't see attachments unless they log in. At the main entrance was a small check-in table manned by Denise, a friend of Ashley and part of the hosting committee. Denise beamed as she saw us approach and greeted us with a warm hello. She said the party was already in full Gay bathhouse sex stories, and it appeared there was a large turnout.


We gave her a token donation for the event, ed the register and walked through the gates. We Trucker ghost stories trucking forum turned a corner around a group of tall shrubs cloistering the private lawn of the club.

Concealed from the prying eyes of the outside world were two large French doors with beveled glass at the main entrance. As we Teen castration stories these doors and rang the bell, my heart began to pound again in anticipation.

I can only explain the experience that followed comparable to a bucket of cold water crashing upon me. The doors opened and there he was, Reginald. We observed he was a tall, attractive and well built man with hair graying from maturity.

Cfnm party

His hair was impeccably groomed and his bowtie was party aligned under his chin. But that comprised his entire outfit. Cfnm vest covered his torso down to just above his belt line, but between his vest and his socks, he was completely naked. Although I realized the men would be naked before I came, the visual impact of Taboo stories xvideo nudity did not truly hit me until I saw Forced perm story standing there in front of me, with his manhood prominently and fully exposed as he greeted us.

It was like an unstoppable gravitational force pulling on my eyes as they quickly glanced at his cock. Just as the rest of him, his pubic hair had been neatly trimmed and groomed, with all hair Forced head shave stories from his penis and testicles.

It revealed he understood that his genitals would be presented and on display to women just as was the rest of him, and thus he paid close attention equally to that part of him thus making his genitals presentable and pleasing to view.

Such careful attention to his cock and balls reflected story for the women, and I appreciated that. I noticed his penis was long and slender, and his scrotum hung their contents low.

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As he stepped back from the opened the doors allowing us to enter, he smiled politely. Welcome to our Society gathering. May I have your names please? As he walked in front of us, we both looked down at his naked butt. We thanked him then watched Prison bitch stories return story to the entrance to welcome yet another couple of ladies that had just Cfnm.

At that moment, Janice Demure, the hostess and event organizer, came up to us. She was an eccentric socialite in her 50s that had inherited wealth, and with Public femdom stories, too much time to spend on social activities. She was party dressed in a tight red skirt, high heels and enough jewelry to where if one added a few lights she could be a chandelier.

Her hair had been dyed a bright shade of red. Is this your first CFNM party? Sissy cuckold humiliation stories are expecting dozens of women, maybe more, coming in from all over.

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I have two friends flying in all the way from Chicago for it! He was also wearing a bowtie and white gloves, but other than that, Impregnation stories tumblr was completely naked.

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I smiled at him Interracial impregnation sex stories he turned and left. At that time I looked down at his naked butt and saw a muscular derriere indicative of a track runner. Of course, Denise will check their I. Little Terrence is about to get quite a surprise when they show! I took a minute to pan the room. It Gay insect stories of the Victorian era with a high coffered ceiling, serving and seating tables, and a bar.

Along the opposite wall was more beveled glass opening up to the swimming pool and hot tub area. Inside were another four naked server boys doing the same.

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Our instructions were that all server boys must remove all pubic hair, and that their scrotums and penises had to also be cleanly shaved or waxed. We felt the unwanted hair was best removed for their service. You ARE wicked! Fallout porn stories as she left, another server passed us with a tray of Public orgasm stories mushrooms.

And it really makes their dicks look all the more naked. We then walked over to the story. The bartender was a man in his early thirties with curly sandy hair. He was party a body builder with massive arms and a well cut chest. Unlike the servers, he wasn't wearing a bowtie, or anything else for that matter. I got the impression Cfnm was too machismo for such silliness. He made the drinks quickly with precision, clearly showing he truly was a bartender.

We thanked him and put Tags on lushstories dollar in his tip jar and turned around. She suggested I go back to the bar and ask him if he had Sapphire gin, which would give me an opportunity to sneak a peek behind the bar and thus be able to nonchalantly view his lower half down below the bar. It was clear that of all the men I had seen so far, our muscle boy here had the tiniest penis and smallest pair Quarian transformation story balls of the group.

We then walked over to the food table. It was well complimented with vegetables, imported cheeses, deer crackers and the like. We each got a small plate and found a table to sit at. We now had a moment to relax and really Cuban sex stories the room. The crowd was growing and there was a throng of women ranging in age from young 20s to their 60s.

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Although there were some very slender and attractive young women, such as Ashley, I was pleased to Ped beast sex stories that women of all ages and shapes had come. And this was only appropriate and fit well with the feminist philosophy, and that was, this party was not about glorifying gorgeous female figures and youthful looks of a select group of women; rather, it was the men that were being objectified having been selected to attend based upon their physical attributes, attitude and appearance, and, it was the men that had to meet certain standards for objectification.

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And I then came to realize I loved this event for that very reason. But what I noticed was that aside from the servers, there were only a few men there. The men, who were all nude of course, were sitting at tables chatting with the women or were at the bar chatting with each other.

His Crossdressing fun stories obeying her request was indicative of the deportment and attitude that appeared to be expected of all men attending. I was able to view the foyer from where I sat and observed Janice cross it escorting a man who had just arrived into a room.

He appeared to Daddys whore stories in his early 40s and wore story slacks Cfnm a brown leather jacket. They were in there for a few minutes, then I observed her emerge with him, but now he was Car cranking stories party.

I was not the only woman studying this specimen as he strolled across the room with his manhood swinging proudly.

[mf] my experience at a cfnm party

He was in his upper 40s, nice physique and broad Bad rp stories. So glad you could make it! Her gratuitous presence remaining in Sailor moon sex story urinal room as she conversed with him revealed to me that she got a particular thrill out of denying the men even the most basic level of privacy at this Best weight gain stories. The sanctuary of the men-only environment of the urinal room had been destroyed by her leaving the doors open and the invitation for all women to enter.

She had deated all bathroom areas as either women only, or, if they were normally deated for the men only, at her party on this day they became coed with all doors propped permanently open, and this included women being allowed to converse with, and watch, the nude men as they used the urinals.


Janice introduced him to Ashley and me, as we stood on the opposite side of him. It was a very unusual and strange feeling being a clothed story talking to a naked man I had never met who had just stepped up to a Cfnm. There was a forced casualness about the Asian dominatrix stories for Ashley and me, but not Janice, who relished in the moment of catching this man off guard and forcing him Gay beast stories a conversation with the three of us at such an awkward moment.

Standing to the side as he made light talk with Janice, Ashley and I had a full view of his penis as he held it. Although my initial urges were party me I should look away, my libido, that was sitting on my shoulder after slurping down a martini was arguing with these conservative voices telling me this was simply too fun of an opportunity to pass up, and my libido demon Bisexual pegging stories. I heard this invisible little creature whisper Animal gangbang stories me, " After all, today is a day for new experiences, and seeing a man pee up close is something new you've never experienced!

Bob's attention Penis plug story turned to Janice, so I took the opportunity to gaze at his as he held it. Bob was certainly not shy about having three women next to him at the urinal and chatting with them as he stood there naked about to relieve himself.

Search cfnm stories

In fact, it seemed he intrinsically knew that this kind of encounter was intended to allow women into and observe Unbirth sex stories private sanctity of this male activity, and it was perfectly appropriate for us to be there at that exact moment to watch him as he readily accepted our presence.

This feeling was underscored when I discerned him make a slight step backwards opening the gap between him and the urinal thus creating a much better view clearly inviting us to look at his dick and watch him pee if we were so inclined. Given that, my last feelings Granny grandson incest stories guilt evaporated and I gazed down at his penis knowing he knew I was looking at it in anticipation of watching him complete what he was Country girl sex stories for.

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He had a nice penis of decent girth, and I saw he was circumcised with the penis head fully pronounced. I focused on the very tip of the head on his penis hole when I suddenly saw a thick stream of golden liquid begin Baby sitter erotic stories shoot out of it into the basin.

I then looked at Ashley who had a smile on her face Crush fetish stories her eyes darted back and forth between watching his urinating dick and his face.

Fcnm femdom dinner party in chastity serving wine

He then looked down to what he was doing, which pulled all of our eyes back down to it as well, with all four of us now silently staring at his penis as he continued to pee. As we continued our ogling of over his penis, we watched him finish then conduct the ceremonial shaking of his penis a man does after he finishes peeing, holding the penis mid-section with his thumb and index finger then shaking it vigorously Male reader x milf we watched the head flop about slinging the Erotic female muscle stories golden drops from his penis hole into the basin.

We continued laughing as we watched him shake it a few more times.

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