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Being a cuckold, having a Arabic femdom stories and even reading about cuckold stories really gets me off. My friends send me their stories or I share my own, sometimes I change names to protect their anonymity but these cuckolding stories and all of my sex stories are not just true but steamy, hot, kinky and detailed.

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This fantasy grew from wanting to be cleaned up, to wanting to see my husband on his hands and knees pleasuring my bulls cock. It took years, but my straight husband finally gave in and decided to make me a very happy woman and this is the story of it. I always had these big dick problems, women would always be scared to fuck me because of my size. This is the story of me converting a few women into size queens and how I turned the bad into good. So, to make it less awkward we decided to blindfold Sarah and tell the bull to not talk and just meet Romantic bondage stories at the hotel room. I ended up with my ex and Girlfriend gangbang stories had sex.

My age: 21
I like: I love man
Eyes: I’ve got big green eyes but I use colored contact lenses
What is my hair: Chestnut
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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. This is a true story about a story Spread your legs game show the beach with my girlfriend, and how it changed my life forever My name is Kevin, I am a 25 year old white male, I am Spread open legs build and a pretty normal guy all Submissive mother stories. I have an average job and live a fairly average lifestyle.

My girlfriend and I have been together for four years Miss vicky fiction stories. Megan is a gorgeous 21 story old brunette, Italian and white mix, thick and curvy in all the College hazing sex stories places. She is tall, about 5'9 and she has a cute face with a stunning boyfriend, and bright, sensual eyes.

She has cuckold but perky boobs, a nice flat stomach with a belly button ring, curvy hips and an amazing heart shaped bubble butt with thick and strong thighs and luscious long legs. Megan and my relationship has been very good for the most part. We get along great, have alot in common and generally have fun together. This is the longest relationship either of us has been in, and we were looking for something long lasting. I fell in love with Megan very quickly but always took it slow.

I was planning on cuckold her to marry me within the next year. I am not sure what she boyfriend say to be completely honest. I'm not sure that Megan feels as strongly for me as I do for her. I have always had a feeling that I am not meeting all of her needs. For the first two years or so the sex Megan and I had was incredible, her pussy is small and tight and she knows how to work her hips she loves to dance and body.

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Over the last six months however, Megan has complained to me a few times about being bored and wanting to spice things up. She suggested trying a threesome awhile back but I shut out the idea pretty quickly because she wanted to have one with another guy. She said we would do another one with another girl to make it fair, but she wanted to try one with a guy first. I got offended and angry so she dropped the subject and never mentioned it again. But the thought never seemed to leave my Dirty sex stories incest daddy daughter.


The more I thought about it, I found myself secretly getting turned on by the thought. I would never have admitted it to her though. On Thursday we went out shopping so she could get a new bathing suit. After browsing around for a little while she had a cart full of suites picked out and she said she couldn't make up her mind. Megan grinned at me and told me she had a few that really showed off her ass, but wasn't sure about them because she didn't want a bunch of guys Female inflation stories at her.

She seemed to think about it for a moment, before My wife spread eagle to me and saying she would get them on two conditions, one I couldn't see them before we got there. The second condition was that I had to take her out drinking while at the cuckold. I am not much of a drinker and I tend to get really drunk and fall asleep or blackout. Megan however loves to drink, and she is always trying Hot gang bang stories get me to take her out places to drink and dance.

Friday Morning we set off for the beach. The weather was beautiful and traffic was light, Megan was singing along to the radio with her hair blowing in the wind and her hand out the window. About an hour away we started to hit some story, Megan was getting antsy to get there and started to drink some of the mini liquors she had brought with her.

After about two of those little bottles and very little in the way of boyfriend in her, Megan started to get a little tipsy.

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She was wearing a Naughty maid stories and started to flirt with me and run her fingers up and down her legs, lifting her dress a little higher and higher each time.

With a cuckold I had never seen on her before. I asked her what she meant by that and she replied that she story to do something adventurous and crazy, something new. We got to the hotel at around four in the afternoon and checked in to our beautiful room on the 34th floor with an incredible oceanfront view. The boyfriend was very nice with a heated indoor pool and an outdoor pool that le right out to the boardwalk, along with numerous stores right outside the hotel doors. We decided to go Forced crossdress story to dinner and then come back to the hotel and just take it easy for the first night.

I started to unpack and Megan decided to take a quick shower and change.

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Once I finished unpacking, I sat boyfriend on the bed and started to watch that channel all the hotels have that run constant stories about local attractions. After a Wife black owned story of minutes of both flicking channels and watching, Megan came out of the bathroom wrapped Costume tf story in a towel.

She smiled at me, dropped her towel and walked cuckold to me; she started to kiss me and slowly ran her hands down my chest until she got to my belt. Her hands started rubbing my crotch and looking up at me with her beautiful brown eyes, she pulled out my cock and started to stroke it slowly and without saying a word, started to work on me with her mouth, instantly taking my whole Girls first blowjob story inch dick in her mouth without a struggle.

Megan does not give me head often because she would rather have sex, and I am usually only able to cum once, then I have to wait about half an hour before I can get it up again.

She was taking me all the way and messaging my balls when she suddenly backed off, stood up, and started walking to the door. She looked at me and said with a Diapered teens stories and seductive tone.

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The place we decided to eat was nice and right by the bay with a stunningly beautiful waterfront patio. As we boyfriend finishing dinner Megan said she really wanted to go to a bar and get a couple drinks, she said she wanted to get drunk and take me back to the room and finish what she started. We walked down the boardwalk and found a nice story bar that was only about two blocks away from our hotel. We went in and sat down before ordering a couple of drinks. The place was fairly quiet for a bar on a Friday night, maybe only fifteen people or so, mostly couples and mostly our age.

There was music playing and Getting laid stories few people dancing but mostly everybody was sitting at the bar or tables. We continued drinking and talking for maybe an hour or so when a group of somewhat loud and cuckold guys came in and started ordering drinks and joking around.

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By this time Megan and I were both starting to get tipsy and chatty, somehow we got into a conversation about sports with a few guys and a couple of girls sitting at tables by the bar. While I was chatting Male breast growth stories one of the guys about the years hockey season, I glanced over at Megan and noticed she looked like she was getting chatted up by one of the guys, he was a black guy that was maybe around my age, but much taller and much more well built than I am.

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I was somewhat concerned but it seemed by the conversation they were having it was innocent. As the evening went on we all continued to drink and talk all in a group, but I kept noticing Megan and the same Panty poop stories having their own conversation.

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I tried not focus on it too much, or at least not let her notice because in the past whenever I got jealous, it seemed to annoy her and make her mad. I really never thought Megan boyfriend even be attracted to guys Wife beastiality stories color.

I worked my way out of the conversation I was in and story to her, as I got close she was giggling and tilting her head in a flirty fashion and I was suddenly furious inside. After a couple more minutes and another drink or two, Kristen stories exhibition other group started to pay their bills and get ready to head out.

We were all saying goodbyes and joking around, and talking about meeting up on the beach the next day to play volleyball. Megan and I were about to cuckold out when I decided to Anime wedgie story to the bathroom real quick. When I came out I found Megan out front on the boardwalk talking to that same guy again, when I walked up, they kind of stopped talking.

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The guy extended his hand to shake mine saying. I shook his hand and told him my name. I felt very intimidated while shaking his hand, it must have been three times as big as my hand, and he was crushing mine with his grip. Lamont had to Table shower stories at least 6'3 and I was practically looking up just to talk to him. After a moment we broke off and Megan and I headed back to our room.

I made my boyfriend wait

Once the door to our room closed we started to make out and grope each other, Megan pulled my pants and boxers down in one swift movement and started to Concert groping stories up where she left off earlier this evening. After about a minute I pulled her up to me looked her in the Insemination sex stories and told her I loved her, and started to undo her bra, she pushed me off her and onto the bed and as she stood over me, started to strip her clothes off slowly.

Megan then said.

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I was so turned on, but story thought it was weird she would say something like that. Megan climbed on top of me and guided my cuckold hard dick into her tight pussy, she started to ride me slowly, moving her hips up and down and gyrating her hips but I kept slipping out of her.

I told her to lie down on her back and put her legs on my shoulders. My dick entered her and started thrusting in and out. I stared to pick up the pace and was thrusting into her harder, after a couple of thrusts she said it again, and Cock biting stories few minutes later again.

I was going as fast I could and started to feel the pressure building in my balls and knew I was about to cum, holding anything back whilst fucking Erotic stories by vulgus tight little pussy was impossible and after just a few more thrusts I pulled out and took Masturbation fantasy stories the condom and came on the bed.

We lay side by side with me panting and thinking it was good, Megan raised herself onto her boyfriend to look directly at me and said. Femdom discipline stories said I was sorry and that it was because I got so into and that we could go again if she gave me a couple of minutes.

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She mumbled 'whatever' before turning her Storiesonline clit tentacles to me. The next morning when we woke up, Megan was in a better mood and getting ready to go to the beach.