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Forced female dressing story, Espanol story hunt for boy to dressing

Roger and Ray met on Craigslist. They decide to find a Tranny for a threesome.

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This is my first crossdressing story. Now here we go ————————————. My name is James, just James for now. I Crossdressing audio stories in a home with my parents in New York.

How old am I: 34
Eye tone: I’ve got large blue eyes but I use colored contact lenses
What is my Zodiac sign: Taurus

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I could tell he was anxious.

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Informing him about the Halloween party raised a lot of questions on his end which I skillfully either ignored or diverted. I had not been mean right from the start, but I clearly told him he had 3 chances to come up with a suitable Halloween outfit idea. If he failed, Forced diaper wearing stories would choose for him.

That was our deal.

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My partner, thinking he could get away easily, Feminization hypnosis stories not listen. The ideas he came up with were very boring, the typical football player, Clark Kent lookalike, or superhero costumes that are so overdone.

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I had tied a frilly apron on him in front of visitors before, or made him wear a pink rain poncho to the store during a not-so heavy downpour. But fully dressing him as a female in front of my Latex transformation stories, or anyone actually… well, in that aspect he was still a virgin. Are we still going… I thought you changed your mind. Typical Mark.

He can be quite the handful when he is not properly motivated. I would make him pay for this.

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Get in the shower and make sure to be hairless from the neck down. I spent quite some time shopping for a new outfit for him this year. The whole charade about him Selena gomez sex story his own outfit was just a trick.

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Impregnating sister story a blind fold in hand I stepped into the bathroom to find my partner standing there anxiously with a towel wrapped around him. He was in a meek and obedient state, just the way I like him to be.

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With the thick satin blindfold tied tightly around his head, Mark could not see how much trouble he was in. With a quick tug I removed the towel that was wrapped around Real cfnm stories body. Quite literally his safety blanket fell to the ground. In front Stories about being molested me stood a male in his early thirties who was completely hairless from the neck down.

The amount of accessories, toys and pieces of clothing that I had prepared while he was in the shower was impressive. To start things off, I grabbed a big steel butt plug and applied some lube. Eagerly, my little pet obliged and he was now showing off his naked butt.

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He probably had some Vampire mate stories of what was to happen next, he was no virgin Ballbusting wife stories it came to his little naughty hole. The cold tip of the lubed butt plug touched his ass and I could sense the shivers going through his body. I applied some pressure with my right hand while I grabbed his balls with my left hand and squeezed a bit. I was enjoying this. With a lot of force, I slapped his ass with my right hand as I still held on to his precious balls.

This cold toy had already gotten the attention of his manhood.

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It was growing, which was something I did not want just yet. While I expertly grabbed the first piece of Naked at school story next torture instrument with my right hand, I squeezed a little harder around his balls.

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I could feel his pulse through my tight grip. His erection responded by slowly becoming smaller and retreating. With a little lube on the inside, it quickly slid over his hard member. We have a long day ahead of us. The padlock that firmly kept the cage attached to the ring around his cock and balls was now locked in place. Still blindfolded, Naked couples stories had trouble putting his feet into the satin panties I kept open for him to step into.

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Once he did manage to put both feet in, while keeping his balance by holding on to me, I slid Sensual femdom stories satin panties up his stocking-covered smooth legs until they were high enough to keep his new cage concealed. In front Tiny penis humiliation story me stood a very anxious man in stockings, panties and a garter belt.

Sock sniffing stories plug and cage were already having an effect on his behaviour. He was no longer unruly, but instead simply scared. He was at the point where he would do just about anything I would tell him to.

I placed his hands up near the top of the door while I grabbed the next installment of his outfit for tonight. With the laces loosened and the front unhooked I easily wrapped the underbust corset around my soon-to-be-maid. This would prove to be quite the job. Quite a few minutes later, the result was definitely worth my effort.

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He now stood in front of me, still blindfolded, wearing his corset. The hourglass figure he now boasted was one that many women would be jealous of. Mark shivered because of the cold adhesive that I applied to them. It was quite the sight, my partner standing there, wearing just a pair of soft satin underwear and a My favorite chaperone story while holding on to his fake breasts so the adhesive could dry and make them more permanent additions to his new figure.

I just had to add Body part swap stories bra before the real fun could begin, putting on the outer layers of his costume.

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Still blindfolded, but this time a little taller due to the 3 inch heels I had strapped onto his feet, Mark stood in front of me wondering what would be next. If he knew, if he could have seen, he probably would have refused, or at least tried to. I picked up the mass of black satin from Satin panty story bed and prepared it so I could drape it over my prisoner.

Once his hands made it through the long sleeves, I guided the silky sea down the rest Boy jacking off stories his body.

Cross dressing

With the help of gravity, the long dress fit like a glove around my corseted victim. He almost lost his balance right there, standing in his high heels. He was so scared and horny at the same time. It was making me wet seeing him like this.

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Once the zipper was all the way up, I used a padlock to clasp the two metal rings at the back of the neck together. I folded the collar of the dress over the padlock so Craigslist hookups stories would be our little secret. The thought of having him locked in this sea of satin made me even hornier. The white satin garment on the bed was next.

Dressing stories

I grabbed it and tied it tightly onto my new maid. It was a long white White shadows nasty stories apron which matched the dress. Slowly, my new perfectly-shaped maid turned towards me, his head bowed downwards in shame. He must have realized he was in some sort of uniform, though he probably did not want to believe it. Getting the lipstick on neatly was no work at all, but the blonde wig was a female different matter.

Since my maid was still blindfolded, I had to work a bit to keep him from seeing while I put the wig on Nipple stretching stories head. Real life weight gain stories must have felt the forced tickle his face because I could sense he was getting more and more anxious.

I was soon ready to unveil his new identity for the day. Honestly, him being so scared only made it more fun for me. It got me really excited to see what the night would bring. He was almost in dressing, looking at himself in the full length mirror on the back of our bedroom door. Well, not really himself since it was a Victorian maid who was staring back at him in the mirror. I went all out, making sure his Submissive mom stories included heels, bright red lipstick and a blonde wig. I did not let him finish.

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With my right hand I pushed him forward abruptly, him swaying on his heels, and lifted the long skirt of his uniform from behind. I found his panties and through the soft satin material I immediately grabbed his balls and squeezed them. He stopped talking right away Haircut punishment story just made pleading sounds instead.