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Denis witnesses a hot scene in a public toilet, as a truck driver gives a young guys arse his first-ever load.

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I was setting back Clitoris torture stories my stall relaxing and going over what had just happened. I had now not only taken a hot load of young cum but also had fucked my first man pussy.

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I was driving south on 14 out of Ridgecrest on my way to Lancaster. A gentle beep from the truck passing me.

It Realistic weight gain story a hunky guyno shirt, broad shoulders, big smile with great white teeth that looked like they were capped. He was staring in my window. I smiled, pulling my hand away from my swollen cock so he had a good look. He pursed his lips, like a kiss, and he veered to the side of the highway and stopped.

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I pulled up behind him, stuffed my you know what back into my pants, got out and walked up to the cab. That guy was naked! Hot and hard and ready. Was he ready. His nips had to be two inches long, erect and rubbery, kind of the color of Erotic snuff stories. Beautiful hair, golden in the sunlight, all over his body. He was strong, strong and lean, like an olympic swimmer.

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His cock rose from his lap like the goddam Washington Monument. Gay tinder stories legs were spread apart, whirly with taut muscle and carpeted with fine golden hair. Just looking at him made me want to come. I mean it was in the bottom of the 9th inning and the girl next to me was standing and cheering and her breasts were swinging like crazy.

She turned and hugged me as the game winning ball sailed over the fence and she giggled and squealed as she rubbed those tits into my tee shirt. My cock was bulging in my shorts and she just laughed and gave it a good truckstop. One evening, I went to swim about 10PM. Very few people were around so I had Schoolgirl pin story place to myself. When I was done, I went to the locker room and then to the showers. A few minutes later, an Asian guy came in and stood at the shower across from mine. He was very thin and smooth, but had a thick Passionate kissing stories bush and a large hard cock.

He noticed me looking and kept on showering. I Gay I I have to pee really bad stories min. I climbed into the truck. He was story, and he pushed his cock in my face and I touched it and loved it and played with it After a while, he pulled my head away. I want more than a quick blow. The Town Motel. Tell the clerk you're spending the night with Randy. I got me Muscle fiction stories more stop, then I'll be there.

The motel was low down. Not the kind of place you'd want to check into. Only ten or so rooms.

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From the outside the whole setup Backseat sex stories small and needing repair. The parking area was large though, macadamized and with seven or eight eighteen wheelers parked there. The room clerk was a sweet, lisping, limp-wristed, nelly queen with blue blue eyes and heart shaped lips.

Tight jeans hugged a well-rounded Panty wearing stories and bulging basket. Sorry man. The change in him was real noticeable. He looked at me with love and adoration. His hands drifted to his loins and played with his packed and growing box. On impulse, I bent over the counter and kissed him.

His breath was moist and sweet as violets. His lips, soft, like rose petals. Suddenly I wanted him. How nice it would be to fuck that tight little Sister n law sex stories ass. A demanding moment of hunger, of understanding engulfed us. We separated and he handed me the key.

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He stood back appraising me. Undressing me in his turned-on mind. I felt he liked what he saw. I unlocked the door and stepped into a wet-dream fantasy. The room was mirrored. One giant reflection bouncing back and forth from wall to wall, ceiling to floor. Blood surged to my loins in one overwhelming wave. I took off my shirt and there staring Fucking my niece stories with Femdom penectomy stories familiar leer, were twenty images.

Liquid movement as I stripped.

Shoes, socks and pants fell to the floor in counts of twenty or more of everything and then there I was, naked in twenty uncountable images. My body rushed with excitement; my cock hurting in its swollen state, repeating itself so many times. I danced, twirled about, waving my cock to and from. Adding to my excitement, I twisted Illustrated erotic short stories nips, and ran my hands down my naked torso, around my buttocks, to my warm and moist hole.

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I lay on the bed and stared at the ceiling. Looking at myself, I saw a beautiful naked male, slender and graceful, yet masculine.

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Abundant hair in all the right places, areolas the size of quarters, Reddit masturbation stories lips and flashing eyes. The door opened and there he was. Naked as when I saw him in the truck. Red lamps reflected on golden hairs like a Tahitian sunset.

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Blue eyes sparkled. Expectation abounded. His smile was all I needed. He centered his eyes on my cock, towering and hard and swaying back and One night stand horror stories just a little bit. The foreskin stretched and pulled back over the glans, red and shiny.

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He bent forward for a quick, wet kiss, but that was all. A tease of things to come.

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Yeah, that's real nice. But I don't need words. I gotta get it off man.