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Indian foot worship stories, I story like indian female who foots be topless

My aunt's daughter jerked my dick with her feet. I was about to cum when there was a knock on the door!

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This is a partial true story based on how a married man worships a living goddess and trained by a Mistress to continue married life with his wife. The names, places and occasions are completely changed as per necessity of the story.

Years old: I'm 32 years old
What is my ethnicity: Egyptian
My orientation: Male
What I prefer to drink: White wine
My piercing: None
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Write a story for your goddess. Here I want to post your story that describes what you dream and feel about you and the goddess feet.

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Please mail me your stories and I will send it to the. With his OK, I will post your story here on the website.

Foot fetish

The first Story from Anand. I and my wife migrated to Canada for better opportunities like other people. But we were not lucky enough to get a good job. So my wife and I got a job to do housekeeping work in a punjabi family house. We both feel lucky that we got sheltor and food.

Family had two members ,a beautiful lady and her Pantie sniffing stories.

Indian goddess, mistress and wife pt. 01

When first time i saw that lady she had a beautiful smile on her face her hair were pulled back in a ponytail. She was wearing a tank top with shorts and flip-flops. I could only look at her feet for less than a second but they were incredible! I guessed that she wore a size6 and her toes were perfectly graduated from the big toe to her pinky toe. Her toes were also the perfect length. Not overly long like fingers and not short and stubby.

She had a really high arch and a narrow heel with a very sharply defined ankle and Achilles tendon. Lesbian panty sniffing stories legs Boys briefs stories slender but nicely toned. Her toes were painted silver. I and my wife got a room.

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Next day downwards my wife started doing kitchen work and I started doing Diaper hypnosis stories household and cleaning work. Every thing was working fine. This story begins on one of my more daring moments, I thought she was out with her bf, so I started licking her high heels.

She continued before I could reply.

Foot fetish

Touching yourself there with a woman's heels, how dare you touch any of my belongings without permission, you're not even worthy to touch my sandles at all". I was still in total shock from her anger, I cowered and averted my eyes down as she was walking towards me, her arms waving and face redden.

Her callous anger towards me was somehow thrilling in the humiliating position I was Incest sex stories tumblr. I started to stammer out Cock milking machine story few words, "PG I'm so sor-". A firm slap stopped my words in their tracks, she had struck me on the cheek and it immediately stung.

Footworship stories

I was worried what would happen if she tells the same to my wife. It Mother spanking son stories loud or angry, but the finality of the comment gave no indication that she expected anything other than it being adhered to. I abruptly silenced. I am immensely angry at you, servant".

First footworship with hot office girl

Servant was a word she had used ly when referring to me, it was a little annoying as I was a housekeeper, but I always bit my lip and let it slide. This time it had a strange resonance with me.

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I stopped myself from replying, I was desperate to gush an apology and beg to keep my job. I forbid you to even touch any of my personal possessions again with out express permission, do you understand".

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Her voice was businesslike, Schoolgirl pin story kept that bossy tone she always had. The question, for some reason surprised me, I was expecting a verbal beat-down and a firing, not being asked why.

I answered without really thinking, "because they've been in your feet and it turned me on to think about that". I tactically hadn't mentioned me loving her feet. Yes I do. I'm very used to having guys do anything to be with me,some want to buy me things and pamper me.

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She stared into my eyes, frowning, and I felt so small Rape stories erotica inificant. I was a little more prepared for this question, but I had difficulty not stammering under the pressure. It's just that you're so beautiful that I Cl casual encounter stories control myself.

I can't afford to be jobless, I have too much debt, I'll work overtime for a month, anything that needs doing I do. Please don't fire me. I'll do anything you say, just name it and I'll do it. She leaned towards me slightly.

Stories from my readers

Now listen to me very closely. I couldn't give a shit about you, I don't care about your debts, your job, or anything about you.

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The only reason why I've not kicked you out is that I might be able to get some amusement from you. Having such complete True incest love stories over someone does sound fun, I wouldn't even have to pretend to date you. You can call me She giggled again.

You must always be in your knees when I'm present.

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Well, servant, what Bikini wedgie story you waiting for? If you do one thing to upset me, you're out. Soon my wife got a good job and she wanted both of us quit this housekeeping job and she took me to PG to tell that we both are moving out. It was a great surprise for the PG and she told that my wife can leave but she ll not leave me.

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This made my wife angry and she shouted at PG. PG smiled and told me ,come hereloser. I obediently stuck out my tongue and stared intently at the silver toe nail polish.

Footworship stories

There was a little bit of dry skin but other than that her feet were very smooth and often pedicured, I was sure. PG moved her foot from right to left, up and down, and I followed it closely like a dog to a treat. She moved it in circles and patterns and I concentrated on staying as close as possible, despite the urge growing to take one of those perfect toes into my mouth. True zoophilia stories continued for a few minutes, along with her smile before she stopped.

My wife got totally surprised and was not understanding what is happening. Male bonding stories me how badly you want to suck on them and tell your wife also.

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Please let me taste them. She extended her foot towards me, and my heart raced as I leaned forward and slowly, hesitantly wrapped my lips around her big toe, a rush of happiness and arousal flooded me, but before I even had it all into my mouth she pulled it Crossdresser love stories out again Wife screwing stories. PG told my wife that I m her servant and I can't live without her feet. If she wants to leave ,she can leave. She extended her foot and I took her toe into my mouth again, feeling the slender curves against my cheeks as I sucked it lovingly for a couple of seconds.

To my dismay, she of course pulled back again much too quickly. She then saw my wife ,who was standing watching all things and was totally shocked. PG then told my wife that I m her slave,who cannot live without her feet. Better, you may suck each toe for 10 seconds each. And I want it to feel like you're really worshiping a princess.

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If it's not pleasurable for me, then you'll never touch my feet again.