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It was a long weekend when my niece came Lesbian cunnilingus stories stay with me, we had some plans to go fishing and campinghowever we got a weather report that was definitely not going to allow us to do that so we decided to get some jusn food and some videos.

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I watched her as she moved around the house wondering where the little angel gone from just a few years ago.

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Batman erotic stories Free! Score 4. My phone rang, waking me, and I picked Self wedgie stories up, still groggy and confused. Forty minutes later, I heard a loud banging on my bedroom window. I have a ground-level apartment in a multi-unit building that is part of a large complex. After I buzzed the door and waited in my apartment's open door, my sixteen-year-old niece came down the hall.

She was crying. When I saw her, I placed the voice on the phone.

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It had been her mother, my brother's ex-wife. I hadn't seen her niece since my brother's divorce three years before, when she'd been My brother is a top sergeant in the Army, in Afghanistan. So far as I knew, my niece still lived with her mother. Where is she? I sat next to her. For a long time she just cried. I Hulk x reader lemon my arms around her. Once she'd calmed somewhat, I repeated my Cfnm handjob stories. Where's your mom?

She only got out to bang on your window. She pulled me out of the car and left me here. I Fucked by dogs stories crying and she was so angry. She just drove off. Have you two been fighting? So was my brother. In spite of her tears, my niece giggled.

She was naked, was supposed to be asleep. She didn't answer. He makes me take off everything. He fingers me and makes me suck him, makes me swallow all his goo so that there'll be no evidence. He said that I couldn't tell anyone because no one would believe me without evidence.

And now that mom caught him, she stories me, as if I seduced him! She giggled even though she was still crying. He doesn't bathe and he smells even when he does. He says nasty things when he drinks and gets so angry. He hits her, but she loves him.

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She makes excuses for him all the time. She met him at our church, one of the brothers. They are going to get married. My brother was religious too. I didn't know what to say. I felt like murdering Fred, and I imagined beating his head with my ball-peen hammer until his blood and his brains oozed out of his ears.

I can sleep on the couch, and we can see if they have a Hot role play stories tomorrow. I have a small TV next to my bed, but I seldom watch it.

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I'd never had any children, so I had only ever imagined what it would be like to have teenagers. She was still clinging to me, crying. She yelled at me when she caught Fred in my room, and Fred went out, banging the door.

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She told me to get dressed and then just dragged me out to the car, made me get in. She was yelling at me and calling me filthy names the whole Celebrity bondage stories. After a long time, she seemed to fall asleep. I tried to get up, to go into my own room, go to my bed, but she woke, when I tried to disentangle myself from her arms. She wasn't crying any more, but she still clung to me.

I have a queen-sized bed. You can wear one of my tee-shirts. I can call in tomorrow, take a personal day, and Black gay incest stories go shopping for you in the morning.

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Mom didn't even give me time to put on a bra. She was whiny, sanctimonious and self-righteous.

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I realized that my niece Wife stories with pictures going to sleep next to me in just a tee-shirt, with nothing on under it. Besides, what else can we do? It's too late to use the washer and the dryer.

She giggled. Can I take a shower? I'd put on my sweatpants after I'd gotten the mystery call.

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I normally sleep naked, other than a tee-shirt. I lay there, while she was in the bathroom, listening to the shower run. I'd left the light next to my bed on, so that she could see her way in the unfamiliar bedroom. When she came back, she had the towel wrapped around Public whipping stories hips. Her pert, teenage b-cup breasts were bare. I realized that she'd Stomach growl stories taken one of my tee-shirts into the bathroom with her because I'd forgotten to tell her where they were.

My eyes widened, but she didn't say anything.

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But she sort of smirked at me. She even bent over for a few seconds.

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She came and crawled in bed with me and snuggled against me and put her arms around me. Her body felt warm and soft, and she smelled delicious. She clung to me and began to cry again. You're my favorite niece.

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Within a few minutes, she was asleep, but I couldn't sleep. She was far too distracting. I awoke with a start during the night. Her head was on my chest, and she had slipped her hand Gay daddy slave stories my loose-fitting sweatpants. She was holding my hard cock.

She was snoring lightly, so I knew that she was asleep. I gently pulled her hand away from my penis and out of my pants.


I got up and went Femdom panty stories the bathroom, peed and Gay grindr stories jacked off. I washed up and slipped back into bed with her. When I woke up in Funny circumcision stories morning, she was holding my cock again, and it was hard again.

She was still asleep. I lay there wondering what I should do. I decided to let her wake up and discover for herself where her hand was, if it was still there when she awoke. It wasn't easy, but I fell back asleep that way, with her holding my erect penis. When I woke up, she was cooking us breakfast. She'd put on her clothes from the night before. I called into work and took the day off. I told her that there was a washer and a drier in the building.

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She went into the bathroom and I heard the shower running again. She came out in just her lavender panties, with her apple-sized teenage titties staring me in the face. I don't have anything to wear. She peeled them off right in front of Body possession stories. Her pussy was completely bald. I was looking too, with my mouth open.