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Shoulder ride stories, I'm seek shoulder that rides stories

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Andy ran through the parksweat covered his tired face, while the hair was all roughed up.

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Running a marathon? Losing some weight? A savage lash suddenly hit Andy's naked shoulders. Serena was as merciless as beautiful. Dressed in a light skirt and a sexy blouse, she was cross-legged and swung her well Real bestiality storieshigh heel elegent sandal clad foot like highlighting her comfortable and dominant status, while sitting on the rickshaw leather couch and holding a long whip.

The piggyback ride (eric's story)

Her boyfriend josh sat beside her and enjoyed the pleasant tour, looking at the young slave harnessed in front of them. I just want my slave to give always the best for me.

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They reached a crossroad. Serena wanted to spend some time at the lake, so she roughly pulled a bridle to make Andy turn right.

Slave riding

Why are you so sadistic? Connecting the bridles to his nipple rings is an example of gratuitous cruelty!

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Second, your weight is contributing to his exhaustion and pain. Andy is your slave and I love being carried by him together with Sister spanking stories, I like the feeling of his exhaustion and submission.

Right now, I would have much fun by making the whip marks on his back.

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I just think you sometimes cross the line with your sadism. Serena burst into a sadistic laughter. That day Serena chose a different course, shorter but more Need to pee stories respect to the day before. Of course she demanded a good pace even in the steepest parts, using the whip with no mercy.

The two had a delicious brunch at a restaurant, with Andy under the table as their carpet and boots licker.

Shoulder rides royalty-free stock footage

Her slave promptly obeyed, sliding with his hands through the rickshaw for getting closer without losing the rickshaw balance. But Serena insisted until he accepted.

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So Andy had to proceed with a heavier-than-him rider on his shoulders, and of course still pulling his mistress on the rickshaw. So he put his boot soles upon the bridles, gradually My babysitter sex story weight until they got tightened.

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Remember that my feet comfort is more important than your tits pain. Keep suffering in silence for your master!

Shoulder rides royalty-free stock footage

Mean while his torturer was extremely comfortable and had hardon. We gotta move fast! Put me down!