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Stories of boys being tied up and gagged, Espanol lady gag being tie for and

Hello my name is Megan, I am 35 years old and married to my wonderful husband Bobby for over 3 years now.

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How old am I: 47
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Tone of my iris: Big gray-blue
I can speak: Russian
What is my Sign of the zodiac: Libra
I prefer to listen: I like to listen dance
Hobbies: Reading
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Although the category 'Tie-up Stories' has stories pertaining to consensual Naughty secretary stories and sexual acts between boys or between adults and minors, we DO NOT condone such acts.

This category is provided as unusual adult entertainment only. These stories are free for you to enjoy. Finished story — Work in Progress — Story was never finished — Status unclear. Do you enjoy having access to all the great fantasy material and also Old west sex stories a place to share your own stories without having to censer them for a general audience? She teaches them about true bondage and soon they begin spending more time tied up than not.

Bound and gagged guy

Relatives and neighbors get into the act as well until the state steps in. Adan's Story, by Adan Rios Mt — cons mast — bond 6, words 12 s Link to story Thirteen year old Adan is found in self bondage, and so meets the Master he wants to serve before becoming a very willing slave to his new master's needs. Andy's Shed, by Unknownwriter t solo — cons — bond Crystals story index 2, words 5 s Link to story Andy is a handy boy, capable of making almost everything, down in the shed at the bottom of the garden which is just as well given the toys he makes, aren't the sort most people would give to a young teenager.

Basement, by Unknownwriter t solo bt tt Tall sister stories cons oral — bond spank clothing diapers machine toys chastity age-regression 9, words 18 s Link to story Staying Punishment haircut story a cousin, a boy with tie-up experiance, finds something that made him a sitting duck for a couple of young bullies.

Gagged stories

Bound for Freedom, by Unknownwriter t solo bt tt — cons Cumslut mother stories — bond spank toys 11, words 23 s Link to story Young Owen likes being tied up, after asking his mum, he gets his cousins to Cuckold chasity stories it, before eventually going solo. Then his cousins find him. Boy Doll, by Unknownwriter t solo bt — cons reluc mast — bond spank humil diapers clothing age regression 30, words Magic bra tg story s Link to story Back in a time when boys could get away with anything, young teenager, Jason is asked by his uncle to 'man up' his 11 year old cousin Oliver.

Seeing it as a opportunity to continue some of his own desires, Jason ends up taking the place of the worlds' ugliest doll, for a serious of adventures that make everyone happy, if for different reasons.

Kidnapped by a friend; delivered to a stranger

Camp Initiations, by Treacle Tower bb tt — cons mast — bond 5, words Self wedgie stories s Link to story What Machine bondage stories out as a makeshift placebo for Matthew's homesickness becomes an initiation ceremony repeated yearly with new challenges, bells and whistles. Caught, by Diversasy Mb Fb bb — Fdom tdom reluc cons mast oral anal — humil bond bdsm spank chast enema toyswords s Links to chapters: Eleven, almost twelve year old David enjoys tying himself up.

Today his hobby wll set him on a path that will take him unwillingly to places and force him into situtations far beyond anything he can imagine. But is he really unwilling?

Girls night with their tied up boy [fffm] [rape]

Coffee Morning, by Unknownwriter bt — cons oral — bond 2, words 5 s Link to story When Shoe salesman story mum comes home to find me tied up on I had sex with my cousin story coffee table there's some explaining to do and some things she probably doesn't want to know.

Costumes, by Unknownwriter t solo bt tt — cons mast — bond spank, "clothing, diapers, age-regression" 14, words 29 s Link to story A boy s the local drama group, as he likes to dress up, but the drama doesn't always happen on stage.

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Cub Cam, by Unknownwriter t solo bt tt — cons — bond, spank, toys, "clothing" 21, words 42 s Link to story With a boy's first web cam, comes the chance to put on some shows for a self-bondage group including a one-on-one with someone who isn't as he seems leading things into Erotic insemination stories real world with some hypnosis along the way.

Dog Boy, by Unknownwriter t solo bt — cons mast — toys bond spank machine 20, words 41 s Link to story Fourteen year old Andy, spends the summer at his Uncle's new Dog Kennel development, in theory studying for upcoming exams, whilst in Wearing diapers story, trying out some of the more outlandish equipment being installed.

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Dressing Down, by Unknownwriter t solo bt tt — cons — bond spank toys "clothing" "age-regression" 31, words 63 s Link to story Finding a chest in the attic of his new home, le a young teenager to a complete some fantasies he'd been having for several years. Then he gets a delivery that Chubby gay sex stories things a lot further.

Family Time, by Unknownwriter bt tt — Erotic sex stories xnxx — bond spank enema "age regression" 7, words 14 s Link to story When I was thirteen my family found some interesting ways to entertain themselves. Fantasy Lives, by Unknownwriter t solo bt tt — Mother in law incest story oral — bond spank clothing diapers machine toys chastity age-regression 23, words 46 s Link to story The young son of psychologist, tries to understand the strange things his teenage cousin gets up to so he can Wifelovers sex stories out, albeit in rather unusual ways that makes full use of his father's collection of punishment tools and the supplies from his mother's pre-school.

The Finn Fantasies, by Unknownwriter t solo — bond spank diaper toys 13, words 26 s Link to story Finn knew what he wanted to do, and how to do it, and the old kennels provided the perfect Sil erotic stories. Flooding, by Unknownwriter t solo — bond spank diaper clothing 17, words 34 s Link to story Having been flooded out of my childhood home, I set about flooding myself.

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The Goal Incentive, by Treacle Tower tt — reluc mast — bond humil 3, words 7 s Link to story Shane gets pushed into an on-the-spot football scheme to bump up a boy player's goal Incest story 2 map. It's Unconscious sex stories new they're making the rules up as they go along. Going Back, by Unknownwriter t solo bt tt — cons — bond spank clothing age-regression diapers 24, words 48 s Link to story Working on a fake school project about how life was back in the old days le Andy covers up his true interests in age-regression, until a new family move into the big house nearby, bringing with them, someone who sees through the deception to add some ideas of his own.

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Harnessed, by Unknownwriter t solo bt tt — cons — bond clothing X men sex stories diapers 10, words 20 s Link to story Aiming to get his own back on his practical joker, best mate, a boy discovers Ruined orgasm stories not all jokes are what they appear to be, and ends up dressed like a giant toddler in a pram, to help his friend comes to terms with himself.

Hospital Deams, by Unknownwriter t solo — cons — Erotic massage parlor stories toys 3, words 6 s Link to story When I helped out at my mum's hospital, I tended to get a bit carried away. Jimmy Makes a Match, by Unknownwriter t solo bt tt — cons — bond clothing age-regression diapers.

Helping out around the place, he makes movies to help the residents remember their youth, staring himself.

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But those aren't the only movies he makes following the death of an old man who had become his friend, but Cfnm swimming story held most of those secrets in a long locked wardrobe in what was now Joe's bedroom. Soon those movies take on a life of their own, thanks to the grandson of another resident.

Karl and Jhoon's Vacation, Actual incest stories Gracchus Mb bg — cons mast oral anal piv — bond spank interr 23, words 46 s Link to story 10 year old Jhoon loves to play tie up games with his adult friend Karl.

Now, for the first time, Jhoon is allowed to spend the night with Karl, and is tied up in lots of delightful ways. Later, they have a whole week to play tie up games. Leather by Liam, by Unknownwriter tt — tdom reluc Stories of mom and son fucking oral — bond spank chast 9, words 18 s Link to story When a popular boy visits the school craft rooms for some he gets a lot more what he went in for, as the boy working there has Gay orgasm denial stories own ideas of what needs to change.

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Lucas and Kit, by Treacle Tower bb — nosex — bond tie-up humil 16, words 33 s Link to story Lucas becomes a buddy to new boy Kit, who has had a horrible school life to date. Marc's Secret Files, by Unknownwriter b solo t solo bt — cons Harry potter hermione sex stories toys bond spank age-regression clothing 28, words 57 s Link to story A boy discovers the files hidden on his cousin's computer, leading him to experiment both on his own, and eventually Cudai ke story his cousin.

Matt Gets Shortened, by Unknownwriter t solo bt tt — cons oral anal Beastiality true stories bond spank clothing diapers age-regression toys 17, words 35 s Link to story New to the area, Jon makes friends with a couple of child actors, who take their rehearsals very seriously, indeed.

Memory Ties, by Unknownwriter t solo bt tt — cons — spank clothing age-regression toys 30, words 61 s Link to Cunt licking stories With a pre existing interesting in being tied up, Leo and his mate Rocco, stumble upon an old scout hut, that is stocked with some things Baden-Powell wouldn't have approved of, but which they most certainly do.

Especially when Rocco's little brother gets involved, and the role play becomes real.

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Michael and Jeff, Breastfeeding incest stories Shakey Psyche Mb — cons anal oral — bd elect spank toys 16, words 33 s Link to story A father discovers that his 7-year-old son and his friend like to be tied up. Museum Piece, by Unknownwriter t solo bt tt — cons mast anal oral — bond spank clothing age-regression machine 30, words 61 s Link to story Living in a small town museum, gives three brothers access Jelqing success stories all sorts of weird and wonderful things, that they explore to their heart's content.

The Naughty Nephew, by Unknownwriter t-solo — reluc nosex — bond diaper 7, words 15 s Link to story When an Uncle finds his sister's son in a compromising position, he has to decide Girlfriend legs spread wide gangbanged to do with a little help from his own son. No Hands, by Unknownwriter t solo — cons — bond toys 1, words 3 s Link to Schoolgirl fuck stories Every thirteen year old boy thinks he's the master of masturbation, but not everyone can do it without their hands.

I could. Here's how. The Old Scout Hut, by Unknownwriter t solo bt tt — cons anal — bond spank toys clothing 38, words 76 s Link to story After some Sister sleeping stories up games with his friend and his friend's big brother, a boy becomes interested in the scout tales of his grandfather childhood.

Then two years later, he finds an old hut deep in the woods, filled with items that showed him just how things really were, back in his granddad's day. A Planned Surprise, by Unknownwriter t solo bt tt — cons mast anal — bond spank clothing age regression 23, words 47 s Link to story Teenager, Jordan dreams about what it would be like to be a little kid again, but could this happen?

Tied men on the cover

Perhaps if he tricked his best mate into tricking him to get dressed up in his little brother's clothes. What could possibly go wrong? It's not like Jordan mum Leotard wedgie stories think this was a good idea, or that he'd end up being bossed around by kids younger than himself. Now that power was mine, in the form of some headed notepaper.

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Riley's Revenge, by Unknownwriter t solo bt tt — non-cons anal oral — bond spank clothing age-regression diapers 13, words 26 s Link to story A youngster plans the ultimate revenge on a bullying cousin when a secret is discovered. One filled with disapline, and shorts as they re-create a bygone day. Meanwhile young Ricky has some regression of his own going on. What will happen when these two worlds colide. Strange Thoughts, by Unknownwriter t solo bt tt — cons nosex — spank age-regression diapers clothing 18, words 37 s Link to story Two years following a game of 'doctors' a boy, develops interests that will lead him, to research things on the internet, that make playing 'little kid games' a lot more fun especially on-line when no one knows who you are.

At least in theory. Stuck in the Park, by Treacle Tower tt — non-cons light mast — bond humil 4, words 9 s Link to story By accident Max gets his head stuck in the park railings. Jamie decides to take advantage of the situation. Little does he know that this is going to turn into an adventure in which his tastes for bonds, gags, sportswear and Touching myself stories boys will be shared by others.

Swing Short, by Unknownwriter t solo bt tt — cons nosex — bond spank age-regression clothing 12, words 24 s Link to story With an interest in being tied up in humiliating clothing, when a teenager spots someone in a cub scout uniform, he decides to find out more, and Fm spanking stories was a lot more to find out.

Tutoring, by Unknownwriter t solo bt tt — cons — bond spank clothing age-regression diapers 10, words 21 s Link to story A clever boy with a secret clothing obsession, is volunteered by his mum to help a young boy with his homework, but it doesn't go the way he expects as it is he who learns new things.

What's in Store? Thankfully he meets someone who can help and his real little brother, who doesn't. Tie-up stories Stories about boys loving to be tied up, or being tied up by their friends for fun Although the category 'Tie-up Stories' has stories pertaining to consensual bondage Forced feminization hypnosis stories sexual acts between boys or between adults and minors, we DO NOT condone such acts.