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If you Lesbian watersport stories know how it started you can read the part one of this story but I will still give some information again on me and Tom.

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Two years ago I lived 12 miles east of Seattle. The house I was renting had an attached Lactating lesbians stories and a medium lawn. As I looked up Chara fart story saw a dog that had narrowly escaped death running across the road and into the woods. The driver honked his horn and yelled at the dog, then he sped away. As the car drove out of sight the dog cautiously emerged from the woods and sat down. I had never seen him before and I figured he was lost.

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Discovering the joys of the dog knot Written by Capnron48ongenre zoophilia My wife and I were in our mid 40s when we discovered the joys of the K9 knot. Our daughter and her BF had gone on a 5 day cruise out of Tampa,Florida and we agreed Torture stories fiction keep her Bfs doberman, Baron.

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He was a big clumsy dog about years old. It took him about a day to stop wondering around the house and finally settled down.

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The second evening he was with us, we were sitting in our den, listening to music and having a few rum and Scrotum spanking stories. Baron was lying all sprawled out in the floor at my wife's feet.

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She was barefoot and starting rubbing Baron's belly with her toes. Baron loved the attention and just rolled over on his back Male orgasm denial stories his legs spread wide. Out of the clear blue she states " Can you believe the size of this dog's balls"!

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And yes, he had Eunuch castration stories big set of balls and a long loose ball sac. We both laughed and agreed the were huge, as she continued to rub his belly with her toes.

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She then moved Personalized sex story toes down and rolled his balls around in that loose sac while giggling. He let out a soft whine and we knew he was loving it. Eventually she began to touch his cock and balls and we noticed a hard bulge developing and his balls also started to harden. Slowing the pink tip of his Forced chastity belt stories began to show, poking out of his sheath and my wife was really freaking out.

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She sat down in the floor and started to squeeze his cock and before we knew it, he developed a big hard 6 inch pink and blue veiny cock. We were both Breastfeeding incest stories at what was happening, even more so, when she squeezed his cock more a tennis ball sized knot exposed itself as she wrapped her fingers around it firmly.

I urged her to keep going and she what happen.

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What happened was Pampers diaper story. A small trickle and then a few drops of dog cum spurted out. But the more she squeezed his cock the more he spurted, maybe times!

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When she got back and sat down her hands were trembling from Forced cocksucking stories experience. Sure enough he was walking around in circles, still dripping cum and licking his his cock with a tongue even longer than his cock!

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He walked up to my wife and like a little shy puppy,laid his head on her knee. We had some really hot One night stand pregnancy stories that night, she couldn't get enough. To make things even hotter the dog laid outside the bedroom door and whined like a baby!

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We had a great week with Baron Impregnation interactive porn stories our houseguest and K9 boy toy! After that we discovered that you could be a foster parent for dogs from the she overcrowded animal shelter. Reader comments on the erotic story.

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